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03 January 2010 @ 03:03 am

From J-Excite

Most of my attention goes to arashi and V6..

Best complete single:

Spirit! (the whole single,including B-side+bonuses are unbelievable!),Believe/Kumoronochi Kaisei (simply a great way to start 2009)

Best complete album:

except for All The BEST i didn't listen to any other albums..does compilation counts?

Best single A-side:

Ashita no Kioku (perfect for the drama), Guilty (cool song)

Best single B-side:

Tokei Jikake no Umbrella (do i need a reason?), Tobira (it's co catchy), Aitakute (i love V6's ballads), Ashita no Kasa (it just lingers in my mind), Start Line (tonisen rocks!)

Best album track:

5x10 (it's still an album track.it carries strong message and very powerful)

Best Concert DVD:

AAA in Kokuritsu (the concert was awesome.)

Best special release:

Loveless (it kindda grows into me)

Best Drama:

The Quiz Show II (slightly bias but i really do love the drama), Buzzer Beat (i surprisingly love it)

Best Decision:

All the BEST release+Clips release, V6 Asia Tour, group countdown uchiwas,

Worst Decision:

Not releasing Tokei Jikake no Umbrella as a single, NY/biS debut, NYC existence, TOKIO's too-short tour


JE Countdowns( i collected ALL countdowns since it's first and keep on watching it), Darling (this IS my favourite V6 song), Kisarazu Cat's Eye (the drama,nihon series and world series have bben on repeat mode all year)

Final thoughts:

This year was fulfilling. It went better than i imagine it would be in certain aspects,but in another,i didn't get my wish. My favourite group achieved so much this year,i'm really proud of them. Next year, i hope they would take a bit rest and then strive forward in full speed.

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31 October 2008 @ 03:09 am

Hana Yori Dango Final finally reach the malaysian screen after 4 months it's premiere in Japan and 2 months after the airings in s'pore! yeah, malaysia osoi! i know..i thought i've done waiting until they announced it,then my heart bloomed sakura no hana and sang 'hyakunen saki mo,ai wo chigau yo..',back into my mood during June (when HYD about to premier in japan). ;P

so,yesterday,malaysian premiere of hanadanF,i would be crazy-but-somehow-able-to-escape-tg-rambutan if i miss it! i've been anticipating it for weeks,think about none other but 'i wanna watch hanadan'. thus i booked for the first screening of the day at cineleisure.that far?!!yeap,at first we were only conformed that only cineleisure will show hanadan.apparently tgv too show them (although only klcc and sunway) only that they release the show date a day before,which is a dumb move.btw, i already booked for cineleisure,and the ticket price is cheaper too! so i went all the way to damansara withe the sole purpose to indulge myself with the beauty of half-naked matsujun! huh,like that was never shown before..12.05,i went into the theater hall with my heart goes on jumping up and down. i can tell you,i was sooooo happy.anyway,the hall was not that full,rather empty i might say.but i couldn't care less.

watching the movie,it was like a dream..i love it so much!and i'm not entirely bias either.yeah sure, my onced ichiban was there, huge and bare,but i think the way the plot itself evolved amazed me.i was also amazed how they twisted the storyline,which they claim original,until they are scenes that resemble the manga. for example, the " 'what is your dream?'  'it already come true' while tsukasa points at tsukushi" scene, it is similar to manga.yeah the settings are different,but in comparison they do share a few similarities.such as:1) both tsukasa are half naked during the scene ;p 2) they were deserted<---on different accounts.

when the movie ended with the last 'arienaitsu no!!' (by tsukasa!) i was tempted to shout 'mou ichido!' which means 'again!' coz it was sooo omoshiroi that i don't wanna let go.mochiron,the movie had a happy ending,with the happy couple got married and all,but i just want it to continue.maybe it's because i know that there would be no continuation what so ever after the Final movie.and that makes me sad..anyhoo,i can't do anything about it..so i might as well enjoy it while it last!

which is why,on my way back from cineleisure,home of course,i dropped by at klcc,and have the movie another go. yeah,you heard right,i watched the movie twice yesterday.how crazy is that.i just couldn't resist the temptation.i like the movie so much and i've waited or it so long,so i thought,i deserve this. much to my surprise,watching at klcc were so different from cineleisure.not in terms of movie content,no.but there was so less 'kya~~'s than in cineleisure. i wonder why. but after watching two shows of hanadan in a day,i still could use another helpings.i'd love to watch again anytime soon.that,is how crazy i am about Hana Yori Dango Final. my favourite quote from the movie

"facing bad things together making it feel half as bad.while facing great things together make it twice as great"
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13 September 2008 @ 12:53 am

after 3 months,it’s finally over.the whole 11 episodes.now friday nights will be miserable to all fans.

what do i love about maou?it’s an important question because i never finished watching mawang(a korean drama which maou was based on).well i’ll list a few reasons..

1. it’s ohno satoshi’s debut drama..hello!who’d wanna miss it?she must be crazy

2. a sempai-kouhai drama is a total cuteness.here, it’s ohnoXtoma.a very unlikely combo that made maou came true.

3. naruse ryou,is total hottie.although his scary face freaks me out!

4. the most touching scary drama i’ve ever seen.wanna see a devil cry?

5. the song was G.R.E.A.T .i need to spell them in case you don’t get what i mean.

6. ohno worked hard for this one.he even skip his fishing!although he was grueling about it all the time,not being able to go fishing..

7. toma’s popularity rise up several notch for doing this drama.

8. the thing between naruse and shiori is very cute.the devil fall in love…or so i thought..

9. i cried,i laughed,i squealed,i screamed,i got my heart all toki-doki while wathcing this drama.

10. coz this drama deserve to win an (if not many) award

maou fans,cheer up! let's look forward to ryusei no kizuna!

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30 August 2008 @ 01:09 am
Hail! to an Arashi member with the strongert personality!

Matsumoto Jun!!

otanjoubi omedetou!!!!!

for living so long,and accomplishing so much,and of course,for 'baiting' so many fans into Arashi fandom (i was one of them..),you are so COOL!

Dear Matsujun,

as we all will always remember the coolest kindaichi, the true domyouji, the cutest bambi ang numerous other roles that you've played, we will also remember the BIGest DoS in the world, the baby boy in Arashi, and the sexiest dancer in the group.

yup,that's you Matsujun!

so, keep it up!

we believed in you!
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08 August 2008 @ 11:40 am
Today, the XXIX Beijing Olympic,  スート !!

and, do you know what that means?
it's time to turn up the sound of

"ame no mukou e
wo o, kaze no mukou e
tabi wa tsuzuite yuku"

up to the maximum!
yup.it's the perfect time for '風の向こうへ'

besides cheering for our own athletes, lets say "gambaru yo" to sho-chan for his first act as an Olympic official announcer for Japan!
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01 August 2008 @ 07:47 pm
i'm writing this due to all the rumors about OHNO SATOSHI lately. i guess,as one of his fan,i have to say something.

when we do something,we don't have a clue of what impact the actions going to lead us in the future.everybody have experienced this (don't lie that you don't!).nobody can predict what is going to happen.sometimes,we don't think that a particular action matters but later on in life many of us would wish we could turn back time.this thing is called 'regret', people.
well unfortunately,nobody can change the past.in a matter of fact,it is the past that makes us who we are now.imagine this,if we never make any mistakes in the past,how can we learn from it?.and without learning,how can you lead life?
it's a fact.everybody make mistakes.some made bigger,while some just stepped on few small pebbles along the way.the point is,it's not our right to punish those who made ones slightly bigger than ours..people do deserve 2nd chance you know.and not just 2nd,but 3rd,4th,5th..and so forth.especially those who shows great remorse. why?coz by that,we'll continue learning.by the way,streak of colours make our life more beautifull.just imagine dull,colourless life without anything to highlights.-b.o.r.i.n.g-

the point is,let ohno learn from his mistakes.we're not here to punnish hi whatsoever.if you think what he did was bad,give him the second chance.did he ever dissapoint you before? not for me.for me,people just exagerate only because he's an idol.come on,people! regular poeple do it too.what's the big deal.
i'll continue my support to Riida and Arashi.i dont care what other people say.
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27 July 2008 @ 12:17 pm
since this is my first entry ever, i guess its best for me to start with something personal.you know, for the friends that i've aded to get to know me a little.

random facts about me

1. i'm an ARASHI fan.can't say i'm THE biggest.but certainly  of tonehe biggest.

2.i'm no good with editing,subbing or any other kind of meddling with videos or audios.but i'm an expert at downloading.'wink'.i guess i'm in the process of learning.

3.i only speak/understand a little bit of japanese.like how to say 'watashi wa ARASHi ga sukida.'

4.i'm from malaysia.here the love for j-pop is still an underground kindda thing.

5.i love to eat.thank god i have good metabolism

6.i admit.i add friends coz they post really cool stuffs on their journal.but i do feel humble coz i can't provide anithing in return for their benefit.gomenasai..

7.i'm still learning how to beautified my page.so now it's kindda dull.

8.one of my dream is to go to japan some day.so that i can go to Arashi's concert

9.i download lots of videos from my friends.but i can assure you it's all for my own collection and not to post it somewhere else.i respect the maker.

10.yuucho is my screen-name.not my real name.
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